We are a full service, award-winning, fee-only financial advisory firm serving New England and New York Metro area with offices in Avon CT, Stamford CT, and New York NY. For over 30 years Asset Strategies has helped our clients build and adapt their financial plan, optimize their taxes, and grow and protect their wealth all under one roof! We believe that finances are systemic and nothing happens in a vaccum, so why not have your asset manager, your financial planner, your tax planner, and your tax preparer work together? 

At Asset Strategies, we do just that. We provide comprehensive financial advice that considers all aspects of your financial picture. 

Financial Planning: Helping you get answers to your day-to-day finances and long-term decisions, our team is prepared to give you unbiased and in-depth personal financial planning advice.

Asset Management: Building and protecting your hard-earned wealth, our team of advisors manage our clients' accounts from 401Ks & IRAs, to brokerage accounts, trusts and higher education savings accounts, we stand positioned to help you in all foundations of your wealth. 

Tax Planning & Preparation: Keeping more of what you earn in your pocket is a critical aspect to reaching your goals. We maneuver complex tax code to help businesses and individuals maximize tax savings. 

If you are just getting started as a young professional or family, we invite you to speak with our advisor Emily Wood to learn more about a program designed specifically with you in mind- affordable fee-only financial advice to help you be prepared for your future. Make an investment in yourself! Contact Emily and ask about "Asset Solutions."

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What is the Fee-Only Advantage?

Fee-Only means we work for you, not for our commission and provide honest advice in your best interest.

Why Asset Strategies?

We are a fee-only comprehensive financial advisory firm providing finanical planning, asset management, and tax planning and preparation all under one roof. Financial decisions don't happen in a vacuum, so why should your financial advice only consider one aspect of your financial picture? 

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