Asset Management

Our asset management approach is anchored by your life planning goals. After carefully getting to know you, our team of financial advisors will create a customized investment solution designed to grow and protect your wealth. We take this work extremely seriously. We understand we are managing your life savings, and as such we take great care and prudence when selecting your investment strategy and individual securities.

We believe asset management goes beyond choosing appropriate investments. We design and implement an investment plan, then follow through with monitoring, rebalancing, reporting, and distribution services.

If you are looking to meet in a fancy office on the 57th floor with mahogany tables and a financial advisor that doesn't remember your name...we aren't the advisor for you. We just aren't the Wall Street type, and we are proud of it.

Fee-only asset management at Asset Strategies means:

- No commissions. No sales, just expert advice and service.

- We believe a dollar saved is just as important as a dollar made. We are cognisant of the cost associated with investing and trading. And while no one has a crystal ball to know when the market will be up or down, we consistently look for tax-savings strategies for our clients and their portfolios.

- We know who we are doing business with. We consistently meet with and/or speak to portfolio managers to investigate their outlook, management decisions, and their personal investment.

-We watch your backside too. Obviously we want our clients' assets to grow, but we also take steps to try and preserve your initial investment.

Why do clients wish to work with us?

  • They are tired of being sold financial products. 
  • They want objective, expert financial advice
  •  They appreciate a systemic approach to their finances.
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What is the Fee-Only Advantage?

Fee-Only means we work for you, not for our commission and provide honest advice in your best interest.

Why Asset Strategies?

We are a fee-only comprehensive financial advisory firm providing finanical planning, asset management, and tax planning and preparation all under one roof. Financial decisions don't happen in a vacuum, so why should your financial advice only consider one aspect of your financial picture? 

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