Emily Wood

  • Title: Financial Advisor, Certified Financial PlannerĀ®

Emily gets you answers to your tough financial questions.

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Emily is a Certified Financial Planner®, and works with our clients to help answer tough questions like: When can I achieve financial independence? When can I retire?  What strategies should I be implementing to reach my goals? Emily believes strongly in the benefits of objective Financial Planning, and works throughout the year coordinating with you and the rest of the team at Asset Strategies to make sure you are on track to reach your goals.

Emily also leads Asset Solutions- an asset management and financial planning service level of Asset Strategies to help our young working professionals and families accumulate wealth by maximizing their current financial situation, in an affordable, pay-for-what-you-need (and-not-for-what-you-don’t-need) monthly plan. As a young professional herself, Emily understand the difficult balance of paying off student loans while also saving for your first home, your child’s college fund, and even retirement.

She worked for what we call “The Dark Side” of financial services…financial sales to get started in the industry, but she uses that experience to dig through the details of financial products to find serious savings for our clients with an out of the box approach. She believes the devil is in the details, and she loves researching to find, understand, and strategize how to make those details work for our clients, not against them. Her goal is to empower you with individual financial strategies, prudently manage risk, and save and create wealth for your future.  


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When not working ...

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     Emily is a bit of a walking contradiction. Born and raised in the heart of Southwest Virginia, Emily was nicknamed “Miss Priss” because she loved all things princess and pink and hated getting dirty. She’s a proud former beauty queen who used the pageantry world to help fund her college education in Gender & Women’s Studies, International Studies, and Economics. Fast forward a few years, and when Emily isn’t studying for her MBA & Masters in Taxation, you can find her on a dirt bike racing through long, winding, dirt trails with her fiancé. She still finds a way to incorporate pink into her riding outfits…

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