Melissa Frechette


The backbone of exceptional client service at Asset Strategies.

Melissa joined the Asset Strategies team in December 2011 and was promoted in 2015 to Director of Operations. In this role, Melissa wears lots of hats, but of utmost importance is managing our Client Services team. She helps our clients with all of their account maintenance such as opening/closing accounts, designating beneficiaries, and establishing links to your bank accounts for money transfers. Financial applications can be stressful, so Melissa takes every opportunity to help our clients make necessary changes with ease. Melissa is also responsible for managing our quarterly and annual portfolio performance reporting. She helps our clients stay up to date on deadlines for tax-deferred contributions and required minimum distributions (RMDs). Melissa’s mission is to make sure our clients’ transactional activity runs smoothly.

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Melissa has her hands full being a mom of three kids, two in their teenage years and a toddler. Her husband has been active military now for 15 years and is currently serving in the Air National Guard in the Security Force division. Between running around with a toddler, helping her teenagers with homework, and keeping up with her husband’s unpredictable work schedule, Melissa is constantly on the go! As much as she loves to complain, she wouldn’t have it any other way. When the schedule isn’t packed with the kids’ activities, Melissa loves to go on hikes with her family. If she is lucky to get some time to herself, she enjoys finding a quiet place to curl up with a good book or movie.